Lab Revenue Cycle Management Services

Increase Lab Revenue While Saving Your Time for Improved Diagnostic Services

Solve in-house pitfalls and make your laboratory grow more profitable with improved optimized revenue cycle ops like patient registration, insurance verification, lab coding, medical billing and collection so you can focus on patient care.

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Most Comprehensive, Lab-Specific RCM Solutions

We specialize exclusively in laboratory revenue cycle management, making us the most comprehensive solution on the market. Our team of RCM experts has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by labs for boosted reimbursements. We streamline patient registration, confirm eligibility verification, ensure accurate claims submission and authorization, implement proper charge posting, manage follow-ups and payer contracts, excelling in lab billing and collections. With our end-to-end RCM solutions, labs can improve cash flow, reduce denials and days in A/R, increasing overall financial performance.
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Why Outsource Lab RCM Operations

Delivering patient-centric diagnostic and other lab services is easier said than done for medical laboratories. That’s why, growth-oriented labs outsource revenue cycle management to scale their ops according to their bigger healthcare vision.

Incomparable Lab RCM Expertise

When you partner with us for your laboratory's RCM needs, our experienced medical billing professionals offer a deep understanding of the complexities of the revenue cycle within the lab industry, reducing errors and increasing reimbursements.

No Extra Laboratory Overheads

Outsourcing your lab RCM functions saves you the costly investments in staff training, software, and infrastructure. By leveraging our economies of scale and advanced tech, you can save on resources while also improving collections and decreasing overheads.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Our optimized RCM workflows and expert handling of insurance follow-up help you process your lab claims faster while also reducing claim denial rates. We as your outsourced RCM provider drive efficiency, compliance, and profitability for your lab.

Get Up To 31% Lab Revenue Boost in the Next 12 Months (Case Study)

In-House Lab Billing

LBS Lab RCM Solutions

Proven Outcome

Charges (on average)

In-House Lab Billing


LBS Lab RCM Solutions

Gross Collection Rate (GCR)

In-House Lab Billing

$60,285 (42%)

LBS Lab RCM Solutions

$78,945 (55%)

Proven Outcome

Increase in Gross Collection Rate
Billing Costs

In-House Lab Billing


LBS Lab RCM Solutions


Proven Outcome

Decrease in monthly cost of RCM service


Yearly Net Benefit
(monthly gross collection for 12 months)

≈ 31%

Overall lab collection increase
The outcome for your laboratory may vary depending on factors like size of the lab, type of lab services offered, payer mix, market conditions, and more.

Seal Cracks in Your Lab Revenue Cycle

We help you identify opportunities to manage and increase revenue without even doing any agreement with us!
All you need is to connect with us, and we’ll do a detailed RCM audit for absolutely nothing!
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Why Only Us for End-to-End Lab RCM Solutions

We equip your laboratory with advanced reporting, superior functionality, enhanced security, and dedicated patient satisfaction for healthy reimbursements and decreased claim denials and billing overheads.

Real-time Communication

Clear communication is the key to successful revenue cycle management. We ensure that our lab RCM specialists, your patients, and insurers are on the same page.

Multi-Location, Lab-Specific Support

Manage and grow a multi-location laboratory without sacrificing organizational excellence with our 24/7 lab-specialized RCM support available for everyone involved.

Faster Lab Reimbursement

Expedite your lab reimbursement process with our special service features like claim scrubbing and automatic secondary claim submissions for phenomenal finances. 

Foolproof Lab Billing

Our lab RCM specialists keep up with the recent medical billing and coding trends and are well versed in implementing the best practices to ensure error-free laboratory billing.

Net Collection Rate
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First Pass Rate
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Unbilled Claims
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Revenue Increase
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Partner With the Leading Lab-Specialized Revenue Cycle Management Company

Average Third-Party RCM Company


We As Your Lab-Specific RCM Partner

Constantly delayed payments or insurance reimbursements, leading to cash flow issues.

Lack of transparency about the status of claims and payments.

Inefficient handling of denied claims, resulting in lost revenue.

Unclear communication and follow-up with patients.

Insufficient data analytics to optimize revenue cycle performance.

We As Your Lab-Specific RCM Partner

Ensure timely and accurate processing of claims and reimbursements for consistent cash flow.

Transparent reporting for easy tracking and monitoring.

Proactive denial management, reducing denied claims.

Effective patient communication and engagement strategies.

Continuous improvement and optimization of revenue cycle ops.

Manage Your Lab Revenue Cycle More Efficiently

We follow the best revenue cycle management practices to ensure you get much higher than the industry’s standard benchmarks.

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Offering the Best Lab Revenue Cycle Management Solutions in the USA

As the leading revenue partner of your laboratory, we ensure you consistently up your profitability. We’re paid for our cutting-edge RCM services only if you’re paid faster on time, always!
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Detailed Insurance Verification

Our lab RCM experts go above and beyond standard checks when verifying insurance plans. We confirm not only traditional Medicare or Medicaid coverage but also verifies dual eligibility, additional TP coverage, and even out-of-state resident coverages.
The LBS revenue cycle system automates prior authorization from to following up on authorizations, ensuring all laboratory services meet required criteria before they’re performed. This reduces claim denials and expedites approval times and collections.
Automate your lab revenue cycle using pre-registered payment methods so you can discover patient payments, insurance checks from ERAs, and insurance payments in EOBs on-the-go. This improves payment efficiency and cuts down manual efforts.
Healthcare facilities lose almost 15% of their revenue because of improper accounts receivable management. We help reduce outstanding lab A/R balances, fine-tune workflows, and do the diligent follow-ups to ensure stable cash flows for your laboratory.
Our lab RCM services strictly adhere to current lab coding standards, ensuring accurate reimbursement on time while capturing essential clinical information about patients’ diagnoses, treatment, and outcomes supporting your lab claims.
Stay ahead of your financial game with our robust reporting and analytics dashboard. It offers critical insights into your lab revenue cycle performance, enabling data-based decisions that boost your lab profitability through opportunities for improvements.

Revenue Generating RCM Process

Our end-to-end revenue cycle management process always ends with laboratories getting paid fast, on time.

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Remember that this is not the first time we’ll communicate with you.
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FAQs for Lab Revenue Cycle Management

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What is laboratory RCM?
Laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) refers to managing and improving the financial aspects of your lab, from scheduling patient appointments and verifying insurance to submitting claims and collecting payments. LBS can streamline these processes to ensure you receive timely reimbursements for your lab services.
LBS’s RCM services can significantly improve your lab’s financial performance. Through clear billing statements and online payment options, we can help you experience faster revenue growth, fewer claim denials, and improved patient satisfaction. Our lab RCM solutions can free up your staff’s time and reduce administrative burdens.
Yes! LBS’s RCM solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with most existing lab software and electronic health record systems, ensuring efficient data exchange and smooth workflow throughout the lab revenue cycle.
Yes, we offer scalable and highly customizable RCM solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of labs, regardless of size or specialty. Our team of certified lab coders and billers can tailor our services to fit your lab’s specific requirements.
LBS’s revenue cycle management helps optimize your lab’s revenue cycle operations, reducing costs, including billing staff overheads. We can save you valuable time and resources by automating tasks, minimizing errors, and maximizing efficiency.