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Our laboratory billing experts optimize complex lab billing workflows and maximize laboratory reimbursements. We offer the most practical laboratory billing management to change the way you manage revenue.
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Up to 31% Lab Revenue Boost
Certified Lab-Specific Coders
99% Clean Claim Rate for Labs

Expert Laboratory Medical Billing Consultants

Simplify billing process, slash overheads, and nullify write-offs for your laboratory, consistently skyrocketing revenue. And this gives your lab staff more time to serve your patients with their core tasks like preparing samples, validating them, and recording results. With us as your outsourced lab billing company, you’re where precision meets passion to help your lab grow fast.

Over 131+ laboratories across the US are using our innovative lab RCM solutions. Our certified lab billing experts help boost your lab’s efficiency, optimize its finances, and adapt swiftly to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. You’ll work with the full-service lab billing and revenue cycle management agency that offers cost-effective solutions backed by deep industry expertise.
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All-Inclusive Lab Billing Services

We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management, coding & compliance, electronic claims submission, proactive follow-ups, denial management, and transparent reporting for a variety of laboratories.
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Laboratory Billing Services

Ensure a streamlined lab billing process with error-free processing and over 91% acceptance rate. Our laboratory billing experts are always at your disposal so you focus on growing your lab service portfolio.

Laboratory Coding Solutions

Empower your laboratory with accurate and efficient coding solutions. Our team of certified coders possesses in-depth knowledge of laboratory-specific codes (CPT, HCPCS) and stays current with the latest updates.

Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management

Maximize your lab collections and get paid faster with all-inclusive lab RCM solutions. Our lab billing agency helps minimize accounts receivables, prevent denials, and optimize the entire revenue cycle for your laboratory.

Lab Credentialing & Enrollment

As the best laboratory billing company in the US, we help you quickly become an accredited laboratory by doing the network research, appealing for closed panels, and seamlessly managing the lab enrollment process.

Seamless Laboratory Billing Process

Your laboratory grows faster and maximizes its revenue only if its billing process is effective and efficient. That is why we have taken years of experience and decades of lab billing expertise to optimize it to its fullest and yet simplify it for speed.

Patient Registration

The first step is to collect all the patient data from the demographics to the health insurance information and more.

Confirmation of Coverage

After the patient registration, the lab confirms the medical insurance coverage and verifies the services covered under it.

Coding of Services

Your partner laboratory medical billing company assigns the exactly correct Laboratory Procedures CPT® Code to ensure no claim is denied.

Claim Submission

And then we submit coded lab claims to the relevant payers after doing the thorough due diligence for maximum laboratory reimbursement.


Following-up for claims submitted is a continuous process we do at LBS to resolve any claim denials and decrease laboratory accounts receivables.

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Laboratory Billing Best Practices in Action

Our team of lab billers and coders follow the best practices in lab billing to help you reap all the benefits of a streamlined and efficient laboratory billing management. This makes us rank high among the top laboratory billing companies in the US.
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Proudly Leading the Top Lab Billing Companies in the US

You’ll work with the lab billing company, delivering the results that matter the most to your laboratory. Here’s what we’re talkin’ about:
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Automate All Your Laboratory Workflows

Free yourself from time-consuming tasks and optimize your lab’s revenue cycle. Our team of lab billing experts automate workflows, tackle claim denials, expedite payments, and offer insightful billing reports for better financials. We also provide efficient account management, convenient e-invoicing, and dedicated lab billing support to maximize your lab’s efficiency and profitability.

Denial Recovery Rate

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Our proactive approach for managing your lab claim denials ensures record results.

Lab Billing Experts

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RHIA, CMRS, CPB certified medical billers and coders specifically for laboratories.

Don’t Let Denied Claims Drain Your Lab Profits.

Our Laboratory Billing Company Helps You Turn Claim Denials Into Dollars!

Cutting-Edge Lab Billing Solutions


Unpaid claims are the biggest problem for laboratories and diagnostic services. And different payers have different requirements, so it becomes an on-going hassle to keep track of each billable charge.


Unpaid claims are the biggest problem for laboratories and diagnostic services. And different payers have different requirements, so it becomes an on-going hassle to keep track of each billable charge.


63% of all medical billing errors are related to incorrect codes! And sometimes, one wrong modifier can bring in huge abuse fines, unnecessary audits, and financial fallout for laboratories.


Our medical lab billing experts comprehend the whole range of Laboratory Procedures CPT® Code (80047- 89398). And we meticulously process accurate codes to ensure maximum laboratory reimbursement.


While you’re busy delivering accurate medical reports and patient care, undeliberate upcoding or unbundling can still get you penalized, inflate your laboratory revenue, and damage your reputation.


Our lab billing team ensures you never have to worry about unbundling and upcoding allegations because we bundle and code lab claims only when they’re honest and compliant with the documentation.


Insurance verification takes tons of time and resources and it cannot be automated much. And it’s extremely important in lab billing because it can cause wrong code submission services rendered.


We will help you improve and expedite insurance verification and get preauthorization when you need it. Send your patient to us, and we’ll do the rest, including consulting you on patient benefits and out-of-pocket costs.


Medical laboratories face overwhelming healthcare regulations! And the average cost of only one data breach or infraction is a whopping $9.4 million! It’s extremely important to stay compliant while running your laboratory smoothly.


Avoid wrong modifier usage, bundled service provision, and stay abreast of the recent US healthcare regulations. Our team of lab billers and coders are proficient in preventing compliance violations by your lab.

Starting From Just 2.99%

If you aren’t satisfied with our specialized laboratory billing services within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your full payment with no questions asked.
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What are the biggest challenges you’re facing as a laboratory director?

Lab Specialties We Cover

We’re a laboratory billing consultant well versed in offering error-free medical billing solutions to a range of small to large laboratories. We employ exceptionally experienced lab billing professionals who specialize lab billing codes and compliance requirements.

Clinical Lab Billing

Our clinical lab billing specialists are at your disposal so you can increase the portfolio for laboratory procedures and help hospitals and clinicians diagnose and treat patients effectively without the burden of billing errors when processing claims for clinical labs.

Diagnostic Lab Billing

Dedicated medical billing solutions for diagnostic labs help run any lab test with no coding errors at all. We’ll create and submit claims for your primary and secondary payers and ensure all the information is accurate so you are paid faster, on time.

Physician Lab Billing

Optimize physician laboratory billing with our comprehensive solutions, ensuring accurate code selection for physician-administered tests. We minimize denials and boost reimbursements, helping your associated physicians focus on delivering care.

Toxicology Billing

The cutting-edge toxicology billing services help make the whole RCM process painless, offering timely invoices and detailed reports. The dedicated team of medical billers and coders allow you to focus on the core tasks of toxicology labs.

Pathology Lab Billing

Ensure accurate capture of all your lab services with our anatomic and clinical pathology lab coding (AP & CP). Our team tackles complex billing scenarios, maximizes reimbursements for pathology procedures, and streamlines the entire billing process.

Why Outsource Laboratory Medical Billing

Outsourcing lab billing helps you manage and increase revenue, ensuring long-term control and profitability. In comparison to in-house billing teams, outsourcing from third-party laboratory billing brings in better growth opportunities.
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Easy LIS and EHR Integration

Our lab billing company’s innovative solutions effortlessly integrate with your existing laboratory information management system and EHRs.

We’ve helped many laboratories accomplish growth over and over again.

The Only Laboratory Billing Company You Need to Manage & Grow Your Revenue

And we answer faster than you do stat test

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Billing

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What is LBS's commitment to security?
At LBS, patient data security is our number one priority and our lab billing solutions comply with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations! That’s why, we use the industry’s most cutting-edge tech and scrutinized measures like encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to protect healthcare data.
LBS offers convenient and secure e-statements and e-invoicing solutions for your laboratory. The paperless approach minimizes errors and streamlines the billing process for both you and your clients. You can easily access your financial information electronically for improved clarity and recordkeeping.
Our dedicated support team is readily available to answer your revenue questions, address billing concerns, and offer ongoing guidance to up your lab’s revenue. We believe in building strong partnerships with our lab clients and giving them the support they need to thrive.
Transparency is a core value at LBS. We provide clear and competitive pricing structures tailored to your specific lab’s needs and volume. You can get free consultations to understand your budget and your lab’s financial goals.