Get 99% Clean Claim Rate With Super Accurate Lab Coding Services

Don’t settle for average metrics when calculating your lab’s revenue. Get superior financial performance with LBS’s team of laser-focused lab coders. We boast of delivering a near-perfect clean claim rate of up to 99%, ensuring faster reimbursements and streamlined workflows for your medical laboratory.
Lab Coding
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LBS Unlocking Hyper-Precise Laboratory Coding

Our team of certified coders is dedicated to offering cutting-edge coding solutions for lab-specific revenue challenges. With LBS as your lab coding partner, you can finally encourage your lab staff to focus on accurately testing patients and scientific advancements. We streamline lab workflows for faster turnaround times. Beyond basic coding, we offer comprehensive solutions, including pre-billing audits, customized coding education, advanced coding analytics, and ongoing support. We are a bunch of lab coding experts passionate about accuracy, efficiency, and maximizing your lab’s reimbursements via super-accurate, compliant coding

Perfect Your Lab Modifiers for Well-Deserved Payments

Our Medical Coding Experts Append Laboratory Procedure Codes So Perfectly That Insurance Companies Are Mad At Us.

#1 Lab Coding Accuracy

With in-depth knowledge of ICD-10-CM and CPT for laboratory procedures, our lab coding specialists ensure error-free medical coding that adheres to evolving regulations, keeping pace with CMS updates so you don't have to.

Faster Lab Reimbursements

Leveraging avant-garde lab coding algorithms, we minimize human error and ensure precise coding for every lab test, ensuring fewer claim denials, faster reimbursement cycles, and maximum cash flow for your laboratory.

Transparent & Clear Communication

We believe in clear communication throughout the entire lab coding process. You'll receive regular updates and have direct access to our coding team to discuss any questions or concerns anytime and any day.

Streamline Your Billing Workflows With Lab-Specific Coding Expertise

Your lab deserves expert coding solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach. At LBS, we specialize in unlocking the power of precision coding specifically for laboratories.
Choose Hyper-focused Solutions Based on Your Lab Specialty:

Why Choose Us As Your Lab Coding Partner

Our lab-specific coding solutions vouch for the exceptional excellence.

Lab Coding Errors = Stealing Time and Money from Your Laboratory

Even the most dedicated lab staff can fall victim to the complexities of medical coding. But worry not because we offer comprehensive solutions to address all your lab coding challenges to ensure your lab thrives.

Lost in Translation

ICD-10 and CPT codes for labs can feel like a foreign language. A single misplaced digit or missed lab modifier can result in claim denials and lost revenue for your lab.

Keeping Up with Change

Keeping your medical lab staff up-to-date on these changes requires significant time and resources. Our lab coders help you keep abreast of new codes and regulations.

Manual Work Burden

Tedious billing tasks like lab code lookup and scrubbing eat away at valuable lab staff time that could be better spent on scientific analysis, patient care, and lab services.

Lab Claim Denials

Incorrect lab coding is a leading cause of lab claim denials, leading to time-consuming appeals processes and delayed reimbursements creating cash flow strain on your lab.


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Get More Than Just Accurate Lab Coding

LBS goes above and beyond basic coding services.
Identify potential coding errors before claim submission to minimize denials.
Gain valuable insights into your coding practices with detailed reports and data analysis.
We offer training programs tailored to your lab’s specific needs and staff expertise.
Our team is here to answer your questions, address coding challenges, and ensure long-term coding success.

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Get the LBS Advantage With Seamless Coding Process

Efficient and accurate coding is the backbone of a thriving lab. That’s why we offer a streamlined coding process designed to maximize your lab reimbursements and minimize your workload.

Seamless Data Gathering

We work closely with your team to gather all the necessary patient data electronically, ensuring a smooth and efficient handoff.

Expert Lab Coder Matching

We match your case with a certified coder who possesses in-depth knowledge of laboratory procedure coding guidelines.

Coding With a Double-Check

Our coding specialists analyze your lab tests & append the accurate codes & then double-check them to ensure the accuracy.

Lab Documentation Feedback

We offer constructive feedback to help you improve documentation practices if inconsistencies exist in the medical records

Streamlined Claim Submission

Once finalized, your coded claims are electronically submitted to payers and clearinghouses, minimizing modifier errors.

Actionable Insights & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your lab's coding and billing performance, allowing you to optimize operations and maximize revenue.

Maximizing Your Reimbursements

We don't stop at claim submission but keep on tracking your claims to proactively address any denials for your laboratory.

24/7 Lab Client Support

Our lab coding team is at your disposal 24/7 to answer your questions & provide ongoing support to optimize your lab workflows.

Everything You Need Your Lab Coding

As the best laboratory coding services provider, we ensure you get the best of everything under one hood to up your laboratory.
We don’t wait for errors to surface. Our real-time edits and audits catch inconsistencies immediately, guaranteeing the accuracy and completeness of your coded data.
By uncoding coded medical information, you can gain valuable insights into lab performance, treatment effectiveness, and potential areas for improvement.
Accurate coding forms the foundation for comprehensive and consistent patient records. This allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions for improved patient care.
Lab coding from LBS supports large-scale data aggregation for medical research, public health trend identification, and effective responses to public health emergencies.

Crack Each of Your Lab Code

Behind every lab test lies a vital code. And our team of experts ensures flawless lab coding services across all relevant categories.

ICD-10 Coding

We translate diagnoses into the universal language of medical billing, maximizing accuracy for tests identifying specific conditions.

CPT Coding

Our lab coding specialists precisely map lab procedures to the appropriate CPT codes, guaranteeing clear communication with insurers.

HCPCS Coding

When unique lab tests or supplies require specific identification, our team leverages HCPCS coding for seamless claim submissions.

Integrate With Your Existing EHR and Billing System

Coding Expertise at Your Fingertips Now

Partner with us for a stress-free and efficient coding experience. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation for your lab coding needs.