Laboratory Credentialing Services

Get Your Lab Credentialed 2X Faster and 3X Easier

Streamline credentialing and enrollment for your laboratory with record turnaround and start working on what matters most – your patients! We ensure fast in-network integration, unlocking your privileges and increasing timely reimbursements. 
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Specialized Lab Credentialing and Enrollment Company

We’re a medical billing company specialized for laboratories. And our lab billers and coders make it flawless for medical laboratories to get credentialed, enrolled, and re-credentialed by surpassing the industry’s standard KPIs. Our end-to-end lab credentialing solutions help you avoid claim delays, increase and expedite reimbursements, save time and resources, contributing to healthy finances and ops of your laboratory. We ensure you’re ready to start billing your operations from day one, get 1st class reimbursements, and get the most out of your lifetime privileges.

Scoop Out More Lab Revenue Faster!

Say goodbye to average laboratory credentialing services for lab technicians in the market and start with cutting-edge solutions to ensure consistently higher revenue for your laboratory. 

Billing-Ready from Day 1

Our experts speed up the lab credentialing process, ensuring the lab receives a unique 10-digit NPI quickly. Start submitting claims and tracking them online right from the beginning, minimizing delays in generating revenue.

1st Class Reimbursement Rates

Let us communicate with insurance companies to secure the highest reimbursement rates for your lab's services. With the increased profitability for the lab, you can invest in better equipment, expand services, and offer competitive pricing.

15-30 Days Reimbursement

Our number one priority as your lab credentialing and enrollment partner is to process lab claims faster to ensure reimbursements are received within 15-30 days on average, improving the lab's financial stability.

Best Lifetime Privileges

Our streamlined laboratory credentialing services helps credentialed labs enjoy additional benefits, such as participation in innovative programs and performance-based incentives, opening doors to opportunities for more lab revenue streams.

Payer Support & Negotiation

As one of the best lab credentialing companies, we act as your lab’s advocate, negotiating with payers to ensure you receive fair and prompt payments, resolving lab billing issues and saving your time and resources.

Minimize Lab Claim Denials

Verify eligibility, obtain authorizations, and submit accurate claims faster to significantly reduce these lab denials. You’ll never have to worry about claim processing, administrative hassles, and increasing your lab efficiency.

Take the Administrative Burden Off Your Shoulders

Increase your network’s proficiency and provider trust by partnering with us for streamlined lab credentialing and enrollment solutions. Our laboratory credentialing specialists are ready to take all your administrative hassle off your shoulders, so you’re ready to book the next test. 

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Medicare & Medicaid Enrollment

Expand your patient base and increase your revenue by enrolling your lab in the largest US health insurance programs, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.

Commercial Insurance Credentialing

We help you access a wider pool of patients covered by private insurers like Aetna and Humana and negotiate better reimbursement rates with these and other companies.

CLIA Registration

Register your lab under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) to ensure quality and accuracy of results crucial for patient care.

CAQH Registration & Maintenance

Register and maintain your lab's profile on CAQH ProView to streamline credentialing with multiple health plans by using a centralized platform for verifying lab information.

Lab Reimbursement Audit

Audit you lab reimbursement issues like underpayments, denials, and delays from insurance companies. We offer lab A/R follow-ups and optimize your lab revenue cycle.

MCR DMEPOS Enrollment

Enrolls your lab in the Medicare program covering Durable Medical Equipment and Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) to get benefits for these services.

All Your Lab Credentialing Needs

Our innovative lab credentialing company is specialized in fulfilling all credentialing and enrollment needs of laboratories for the best possible outcomes.
Lab credentialing services

Top-Rated Lab Credentialing Services

Seamlessly Secure All Your Laboratory Credentials With Us

New Enrollment

Fast-track your lab's in-network status with our new lab enrollment services. Our lab credentialing experts gather required information, handle submissions to major payers, and speed up the process to get you diagnosing patients quickly.


As one of the top-rated laboratory credentialing companies in the US, we handle communication with credentialing boards, verifying your lab's licenses, certifications, and experience to ensure a seamless validation of your lab's expertise.


Stay proactive with our dedicated lab re-credentialing services. We monitor deadlines and manage the renewal process, keeping your laboratory in good standing with major American payers and avoiding disruptions in reimbursements.

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Lab Licensing

We’ll guide you through the intricacies of lab licensing, ensuring you meet all state and federal requirements for operation. Our lab credentialing specialists give you different license options to legally run diagnostic services and other lab ops.


Achieve the gold standard of lab quality with our unique lab accreditation support. We offer guidance & resources throughout accreditation journey, helping your lab showcase its commitment to excellence & attracting more referrals.

IPA Enrollment

Expand your reach to patients covered by IPA plans with our streamlined IPA enrollment services for laboratories. We navigate the process efficiently, increasing your patient base and maximizing diagnosing and testing opportunities. 

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Don't Let Slow Credentialing Processes Hold Up Your Lab's Revenue.

Save 100s of hours and grunt work with our speedy laboratory credentialing services and get verified faster to start collecting your lab’s revenue.
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#1 Credentialing Services for Laboratories in the USA

Focus on what matters most and let LBS take care of your lab’s credentialing burden, ensuring you can seamlessly participate in the insurance networks that benefit your lab. With over a decade of experience, we understand the unique credentialing requirements for each state and major payer network in the US. We start by thoroughly assessing your specific needs, including your lab type, desired insurance networks, and state regulations. Our team of credentialing specialists leverages established payer relationships to ensure all necessary documents are compiled and verified efficiently.
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Our Rock-Solid Lab Credentialing Process

Contact Us, Get Verified Fast.

We actively communicate with all our laboratory clients to stay abreast of all their credentialing needs. Connect with our lab credentialing expert to get verified fast. 
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Frequent Questions About Lab Credentialing Answered!

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What is Medicare enrollment for labs?
Medicare enrollment is a separate process from credentialing with private payers. LBS can also assist with Medicare enrollment, which typically takes 60-90 days to complete. Contact us right now for free consultation.
Laboratory credentialing is the process of verifying your lab meets the qualifications and standards required by payers to participate in their network. LBS’s professional credentialing and enrollment team can manage this process to ensure your lab receives in-network reimbursement for its lab services.
The documents needed for laboratory credentialing vary by payer, but typically include:
  • Lab licenses
  • Tax ID number
  • Business license
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • CLIA Certificate (if applicable)
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Curriculum vitae (CVs) of lab staff
  • Additional documents specific to the payer or lab specialty may be required.
The turnaround time for laboratory credentialing varies by payer, typically ranging from 60 to 120 days. LBS can help you expedite these timelines and ensure your applications are complete to minimize delays.
While we can’t control processing times set by payers, LBS can streamline the application process by efficiently collecting and submitting your documents. Our credentialing experts ensure everything is complete and accurate to avoid delays caused by missing information.
Yes, a physical lab address is required for proper credentialing in the US. You cannot really use a home address. If your lab or the healthcare facility is under construction, you can still apply up to 30 days before opening.
Medicare enrollment requires revalidation every 3-5 years. LBS can help you understand the process and ensure timely completion to avoid interruptions in billing and revenue cycle management.